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About Halm's Enterprises
Eat Your Veggies!
With so many varieties to choose from, Halm's Enterprises has a pickled vegetable product to go with so many local-style meals. From takuan to Napa Zuke, nothing round out a plate of hot rice and steamed fished better than pickled veggies. If you got to eat your vegetables, might as well taste good!
The process of fermentation (pickling) makes food more digestible and nutritious. Live, unpasteurized, fermented foods have the ability to carry beneficial bacteria directly into our digestive systems. Fermentation preserves nutrients, and breaks them down into more easily digestible forms. The soybean for example, is an extraordinarily rich protein and phyto nutrient dense food that is hard to digest unless fermented. In the form of miso, tempeh, tofu, and soy sauce, the complex proteins and nutrients of the soybean are broken into readily digestible amino acids that are full of beneficial "good" bacteria, compliments of the fermenting / pickling process.
Our Line of Pickled Vegetable Products
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