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About Halm's Enterprises
(Yum - E Kim Chee)
Since 1985, Mike Irish has collected well-known local brand food companies. It began with Parks Brand sauces and includes Halm's Enterprise, Man Nani Foods, Kohala Kim Chee, and Waimea Takuan. Each carefully made product maintains stringent production guidelines to keep the authenticity of flavor expected by its loyal following. Today, along with sister companies, these unique and treasured products are created in a central manufacturing facility in Kalihi.
The Superfood!
Health magazine named the spicy cabbage kimchi as one of the 5 healthiest foods in the world. Full of Vitamins A, B, C, and healthy bacteria lactobacilli, it's packed with lots of good stuff. Some people like it immediately and for others it's an acquired taste, but Koreans eat it with everything including pizza and pasta. One of the strongest memories of my childhood is helping my grandmother with the yearly making and burying of vats of kimchi in our very suburban and very square American backyard. These days, I generally buy my kimchi from one of the local mothers or grandmothers who produce it in vast quantities. It's better than I can make, saves tons of time, and I like to support small home-based businesses. But it's actually not that hard to make if you want to give it a try.
Our Line of Kim Chee Products
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